Wild Honey Cornish Goddess

One-to-One & Small Group Retreats 2019

Welcome to the land of the Goddess

Wild West Cornwall -

Welcome to the Ancient Land of White Sands and Honey Pollen,

Gorse and Goddess, Be Wild, Be Strong, Be ALIVE, Feel Free.

Let's Go DEEP with Journey, Drum and Land with Exploration and Celebration of All that You Are. 

10 thousand years of Ancient Landscape and Wisdom to Remember in Our Body.

Unique One-to-One Bespoke Packages or Small Groups. Choose from....

Wild Honey Land of Lyonesse - The Isles of Scilly, England

Isles of Scilly
Burial Chamber
The Nag's Head
Troy Town Maze - St Agnes
Tresco Megaliths
Bant Carn Chamber
St Agnes
Standing Menhirs

The Isles of Scilly are an archipelago off the Cornish mainland of 140 islands, just 5 are inhabited. It's wildlife and pure Goddess heaven.

Ancient history never stopped here. Step back in time....

A Personal Sacred Retreat to Remember and Activate the Wisdom of your Wild Woman

Connect your Heart, your Body, your Soul... your Womb Whispers' with the Goddess

The Edge of the World - The Mainland

Land's End - Penwith Peninsula 

Lanyon Quoit
Carn Euny Fogou
Chysauster Ancient Village
Chun Quoit
Cape Cornwall
St Michael's Mount
Ancient Moorland
Gurnard's Head
Minack Theatre
Gurnard's Head
Luxury Camping
Gurnard's Head
Ancient Fishing Villages
Lamorna Fogou

Welcome to the Edge of the World,

the Land's End Penwith Peninsula and a stretch known worldwide out towards the Isles of Scilly as the ancient

temple of the Land of the Dead.

Home to Stone Age Goddess knowledge imbued in 10,000 year old crevices, stones,

land and seas, Neolithic, Bronze, Iron Age villages and Goddess Temple Sites,

and the more recent early Medieval Celtic saints. 

The pattern of ancient sites across the Penwith Peninsula weaves an extraordinary network of sites and Goddess wisdom 

and is the largest temple site anywhere in Europe. 

These include Neolithic Tor's

Cliff Castles and 6000 year old Quoits . 

Stone Circles, Menhirs, Cairns, Fogous, Holy Water Wells (at least 3000 years old). 

Into the Light and the Dark we will go to Heal, Regenerate and Hold Space for anything you Desire at this time. 












Welcome to the mystical

Land of Lyonesse of Arthurian Legend,

sunk beneath rising seas thousands of years ago. The Isles of Scilly and the mainland were once connected and the remains of countless ancient sites do indeed lay beneath the

wilds of the Atlantic Ocean. Home to Pirates, Smugglers, the local legends say that this was the landing and loved place of Joseph of Arimathea and the teenage boy visiting St Michaels Mount and St Just in Roseland.  Mousehole harbour walls built by ancient Egyptians and Phoenicians, true tales of Pirate Turks, Spaniards and Moroccans weaves a fascinating history in an

ancient relatively untouched landscape of the Goddess who whispers our name to heal, inspire and call to the deepest parts of the soul. 

The Wild Woman Calls you to a Deeper, more Primal, Wilder Way of Being

The whole of the Penwith Peninsula is a Minor Chakra point in the Earth's Grid. Being here is like plugging back into a plug socket of the Planet and whatever you do here will expand Your Power, Your Healing, Your Wisdom  

Phoenix Na Gig 
Wild Honey

Wild Honey West Cornwall Landscape

Daily Magic x


9am: Meet and vision for the Day

10am: Goddess Journey One

1pm: Lunch -Packed Lunch or Fresh Food Cafe

2pm: Goddess Journey Two 

4pm: Ceremony to rest, connect and close

5/6pm Free Time. 

9pm: Optional Wild Woman Camp Fire 


The Wild Honey Goddess Retreat
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