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    you are a divine channel
       your beautiful soul

hey love, i'm phoenix i'm devoted
to reminding you how to
awaken your divine soulpath
become a clear channel for your higher self
activate your calling
& rise in service for the new humanity

foundation programme one

-beautiful soul priestess-


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welcome to your new way of listening

for women
with a deeper calling

the foundation program
is for you want to

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21st Century Oracle

foundation program

Pussycat priestess

Clear Your Channel. Connect with Your Highest Guidance, Your Voice,Your Vision..

In Reverence to Divine Grace

love your feminine energytransform trauma to treasureheal your story. heal your rootSfree yourself of the energy of past lovershonour your original innocence,love your scars, your body, your cycle,your inner temple connect  with your natural sensualityconnect with the inner healing christ sofiah consciousnessconnect with mary Magdalene as you mentor and guide

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Phoenix Popiolek.png

your guide phoenix
Founder 21st Century oracle©

Hello Beautiful SOUL! I'm so honoured to meet you.

I believe that YOUR BODY HEART & SOUL are the

DIVINE connection our planet is DESPERATE to feel,

hear and receive in the world. You are Being Guided by Divine Source

You are here to OPEN to remember Your CALLING.

You don't have to do this alone anymore. Walk with your Soul Family.Do what You LOVE and are here to birth for a new Humanity

ifer is calling sisters who are wanting to unlock their full sacred potential, live their souls purpose, create a life doing what they love and being a greater impact in their community and in the world.

As the Priestesses are now being called to Lead Humanity into the New Golden Age on Earth.

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21st Century Oracle

beautiful soul


The body is sacred.

The body has wisdom the mind can’t even begin to fathom.

The body is a part of (and not separate from) our experience of the divine. Loving the body, fiercely, is a holy revolution

Welcome to this beautiful,
immersive 3 month journey
to support your personal and collective evolution
as you awaken and activate
your Divine Guidance Vision and Mission
become a CLEAR CHANNEL for Your Soul Freedom,
Your Higher Guidance, with Divine Source Consciousness.
You will also gain the level of knowledge, skills
and experience required to move into the
9 month programme
The holy revolutionary Autumn 2024

Do you want to REMEMBER who YOU TRULY ARE!
Discover how to go WITHIN and
HEAL yourself on all levels of mind, body and spirit
Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine
body and spirit.
If you are hearing the whispers of your soul
to learn how to use your soul wisdom to birth a new humanity
  • Do you feel emotionally disconnected
  • Stuck in emotional blocks, freeze, flight, fight patterns
  • Can't see the way through
  • Stuck in corporate jobs or meaningless work
When you are ready to awaken your healing ability,
you have a sense that you are being pulled in a
new direction and often find yourself ; 
  • yearning to find the true meaning of your life
  • and to feel connected to like minded souls
  • Feeling that you are not whole, that something is missing in your life
  • Feeling that you never really fit in, and you have suppress your true self

Why you understand and
how things are different for you now
I know how this feels, I always used to feel that
I was on the outside looking in, never really feeling that I belonged. 
I knew that there was something else calling, that I was here for a purpose.
It took many years of struggle and heartache before
I finally listened to that quiet voice within me,
that was urging me to wake up and align with my Soul mission,
which was to heal. My life changed from that moment of awakening.
I am now living my life to its full potential
and loving every part of it, the highs and the lows
are all part of the journey
and each brings its own unique gifts for growth.
How would it feel if... 
  • You can really find the true meaning of your life.
  • You are a part of a group of Healers who support and empower each other to be the best that they can be
  • You can openly talk about your experiences and be held in a loving and non-judgemental space
  • You are connected to your healing guides, who love you and work through you to support your clients for the highest good.
  • You can feel your strong loving connection to the Universe and to your earth family.
  • 3-5 bullet points which are benefit laden outcomes and which paint the picture of where they would like to be, how they would like to feel
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