Kate Joyner

Psychotherapist, Poet, Artist

''Channeling from Phoenix has been such a rich an magical journey for me.


The power of her readings are beyond the scope of words. They touch deep into the soul. There is no airy-fairyness to a session it's a deep into the belly of the Earth unraveling.

It's a soul journey experience.


Every time I have a reading, I feel more aligned with the nature of my own essence. The sessions, the imagery then ripple out over the months to come, even years later something will come into my path that was whispered in session. It keeps me on my toes to the magic of this life. The mystery that we are a part of.


It's a timeless experience and the depth of the channelled guidance is a sure mirror of the depths of Phoenix's gift to the world. She is a woman of the wild bringing an ancient future knowledge to a new paradigm.


Sessions are a Gift, to your Self, to your Soul and to the Earth"

Kate Joyner

Silver Moon Poetry