Phoenix Na Gig

♡Ģ̵̟͇͇̣͕͋͐͠Ⓞ𝔡ᵈ𝐞𝕤𝔰 R𝐎ⓒᛕS♡

I acknowledge my position and privilege as an educated and white women.

I’m feeling into ways I can not be complicit to racial and gender based abuse in our world.

I am here. I have a very small platform and voice. But it’s something.

I've chosen a charity that feels right for my work and its values and am committing to offering 5% of my income

from all future income from Goddess Rocks to this charity.

It’s what I can do. And I will continue the enquiry as to what else I can do x

🌹Because I am a Girl - Girls Charity 🌹
Identity’s the key barriers to girls’ empowerment – child marriage, forced labour, sexual violence, early pregnancy,

Female Genital Mutilation and more – and constructs a new vision for girls across the developing world.

Gender-based violence has been described by the World Health Organization as a global public health problem

of epidemic proportions and a fundamental violation of human rights.

🌹Because I am a Girl is a global initiative to transform power relations so that girls everywhere learn, lead, decide and thrive.🌹

If you'd like to learn more about them, you can here...