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A Revolution in Feminine Presence and Power

Welcome Sister

Waning moon

   Introductory 28 Day Rebirthing Journey



Welcome Sister to Your Wild and Sacred Journey

to Remember the Wisdom and Power of a Woman's Life Cycle

There is a Wild and Innate Consciousness  within woman waiting to be brought through into

all sphere's of Women’s Leadership, Creations, Visions, Actions and Spiritual Life.

A Female Power - Creative, Sensual, Wise, Regenerative. -

interconnected with all of the natural world.

Rebirth Yourself as the Woman You Were Born to Be 

We have built a society that has explored every single molecule, atom, landscape and place.

And yet still we are sick and our planet is dying.

What if our inhumanity has forgotten one place to look for answers.

What if our most profound questions as to the nature of our existence could be answered  not from exploratory outer exploration.


What is the answers were inside us, and that in our inhumanity we could turn ourselves the right way round they are inside us,

and that that rebalance will give birth to our humanity. 

"The elders say that the men should look at women in a sacred way, never put them down or shame them in any way. When we have problems we should seek their counsel, we should share with them openly. A woman has intuitive thought.

She has access to another system of knowledge that few men develop. 

She can help us understand, so we must treat her in a good way"


Village Wise Man, Lakota. 



It Starts With Listening

- Waning Moon awakens access to the Universe- 

Inside Us

100 Billion other Planets in Our Milky Way Alone. 

Our Life and Embodiment on Planet Earth is a Miracle

Waning Moon - Our Cycle DESCENDS into Maturity - The Face of the Wisdom Woman

                Notice Your Four Elements as You Spiral Around Your Moon Chart and Cycle 

We are Sacred.

Sister. You are the Temple 

Uterus Designs from DuvetDays.org –

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downloadable prints.  £10. 

1 Hour +

Wild Woman Practice 1

Women when we remember that our body, our belly, our womb are sacred we heal from deep within.

As we cultivate an intimate relationship with our sacred temple, we can awaken the woman we were born to be. 

Imagine a world where girls are shown how to love their female power and boys are shown how to love them too!

Draw, paint CREATE a BIG BEAUTIFUL (and felt sense) of YOUR womb temple using the shape of a

WOMB OVARY YONI TEMPLE  (shown here as a guide,) and let your magical creativity paint, colour, draw the Sacred Feminine Temple at the centre of your life. Who are you in your deepest, most expansive, radiant YOU.


UPLOAD your TEMPLE Painting 


Wild Woman Practice 2

7 Days +

Where on Earth do we Begin?

We will begin with coming back to the Dreams speaking to us through the magical, metaphorical, storytelling wisdom of the Sacred Feminine within us.

You can make your own Dream Journal or buy one.


Set your intention to Journal your dreams during the Waning Moon. Place the journal by your bed, if you can't remember a dream, simply allows a stream of words to pour through you onto the page when you wake up. 

"The two forces that shapes us...


and The Animating Spirit and the Wise Elder."

Dr Pinkola Estes

My Moon Phase

As our cycle descends into the Waning Moon, our inner Autumn, the wisdom of Air, we awaken the wisdom of the Queen, the Wise Woman, the Grandmother, the Shamaness, the Medicine Woman, the Enchantress., the Witch, the Healer.

If this wisdom is innate in woman, the question is....

in the modern world....where did she go!

                     Grandmother's Council 

Warning this link contains graphic disturbing images. 


Imagine a pot or a saucepan that was always on your stove when you can home, perculating with some delicious healing nourishment for yourself, your friends, your family. 


1. Gather Ingredients for a Magic Soup or Herbal Tea!

2. Create/Find a Cauldron 

A simple iron pot for  for your stove or fireplace, for any magical intention stirring in your life for anything you are birthing, creating, dreaming, receiving.

3. Gather 4 INGREDIENTS one to represent

EACH ELEMENT of your Feminine Life Cycle 


Share in the Red Tent your Potion your Intention your Magic

Do any blocks come up for you in particular, you are so welcome to share them too x

Wild Woman - Practice 3

Wherever you See the MOON there's a Wild Woman Activity for YOU
Waning Moon - Luteal

Wonderful Video on Female

Shamans HERE

Luteal Phase HERE

Zero Point Field at the

Quantum level


Nutrition for your Moon Cycle 

Miranda Grey and Alexander Pope are

Menstrual pioneers in this field.

Full Frontal Fatherhood -

Video to show the

MEN in your life Xxxx

During the Luteal Phase - We See in the Dark. The most powerful time in most women's cycle.  Dynamic, deep, alchemical, erratic, erotic, WISE this IS the depth of the dark goddess in all her trans-formative power. But without honouring ALL 4 phases of the cycle. She will not work. She will shout at us loudly or completely numb out. 


The most unacceptable face of woman in modern society. The Luteal phase...although not all women are deeply affected by this torrent, for some it can go barely noticed, for others and those around them it can be very intense. How can we support ourselves and each other during this time. to open to her true presence and feminine gifts.


Number One thing we need to not crash and burn in hormonal imbalance in the Luteal Phase. is to RELAX, RELEASE, EXPRESS, dive deep, no stress, and calm and ground.


The wisdom received to your heart and soul through this lunar phase is as un-patriarchal as you can get. It is not of the rational, scientific, linear mind. It is LUNAR wisdom, and we naturally intuit it during deep inner reflection during this phase and the menstruation phase. It comes from both the depth unconscious to support us and from the zero point field, the silky spider web of infinite everything, essentially speaking through our dreams, our feelings, our knowing, 

If we drive over and ignore this powerful portal to our own divinity 24 hours a day, seven days a week.... we know exactly what comes. It can only emerge as resistance, a sense of insanity, disease.. PMS.

Be a bridge between YOUR FEMININE BODY, and SOUL and SPIRIT and the cosmos and allow our womb wisdom, life purpose and guidance to be heard. 

Now! It's back to School for the Modern Cavewoman 

Wise, Powerful, Connected to all Life YOU

No matter what your have chosen as your role and passion in this life, one thing is a fact.

1. You are a Woman

2. Woman has an innate gift to connect, feel and receive wisdom from the earth, moon and stars. 

Modern Woman....

Take a moment to feel into your loving feelings and judgements and fears around the words

Intuitive. Inner Guidance. Wise Woman, Healer, Psychic. Shaman. Witch. Magic. Medicine, Universe, Cosmic. Ancestral. Bones.

Write in your Journal your thoughts, your feelings here. Allow your deepest feelings to purge through onto the page.

Let your deepest heart be HEARD.                                                                                                     

Wild Woman - Practice 4

One Hour

Sister its time to come back to the Earth's WISDOM 

Ancient Wisdom Modern World 

Wild Woman - Practice 5
2 Hours

Ancient Moon wisdom is Calling us Home. 

Welcoming the Night - Reclaiming the Night

Either GO OUTDOORS  to connect with the night

or make a Moon Nest in your house if you can not go out into Nature at night. 

Wrap up warm and snug if you want  You need to be sure that you feel fully safe and cherished to play outdoors again. You are fully responsible for your own Wild Woman Adventures. So Sister, be SENSIBLE.


Your Wild Woman SMARTPHONE! and a GIFT for Mother Nature

Please film a short clip of your gorgeous wild woman self in situ  and share with us YOUR MOON WISDOM. This can be anything your guidance speaks.. For us, for the world, for yourself.... What do you receive when you rest into the NIGHT> 

Please Upload Your Video to the Facebook Red Tent.

See you In The Red Tent

All Data is treated with the greatest respect in accordance with the  Data Protection Act and will be deleted at the end of the 4 Week Journey.  

Wild Woman - Practice 6 
Wild Waning Moon Meditation with Headphones 

30 Minutes

Take with you

for Practice 5!