Goddess Rocks

A Revolution in Feminine Presence and Power

Welcome Sister

Full Moon


Welcome Sister to Your Wild and Sacred Journey

to Remember the Wisdom and Power of the Feminine Life Cycle

A Wild and Innate Consciousness to Bring through in

Women’s Leadership, Creations, Visions, Actions and Spiritual Life.

A Female Power - Creative, Sensual, Wise, Regenerative.


Rebirth Yourself as the Woman You Were Born to Be 

So many women today are ~

Exhausted and chronically fatigued. 

Feeling disconnected and lacking joy.

Confused about their place & purpose in the world. 

Wombs, ovaries, periods, vaginas that are chronically ill and in pain. 

Hearts that are sad, depressed and anxious. 

Living with dis-ease that’s deemed “incurable”. 

Feeling lost, unsure, deeply disheartened by the cultural norm and 

longing for something so much deeper. 

Are completely dissociated from their feminine lifeforce

and presence. stuck on treadmills, limited ways of being and the magic sparkle of life long gone out. 

There are other ways of being that are innate in a woman's heart and soul, guided by her life cycle and the cycles of the earth and moon that nourish her, feed her, inspire her, switch her back on to her divine, juicy, magical, presence and power. 


Keep Slowing Down into Deep Listening

Men's hormones run on a 24 HOUR Cycle 

Women's hormones run on a 29.5 DAY Cycle 

Wise, Deep, Soulful YOU

No matter what your have chosen as your role and passion in this life, one thing is a fact.

1. You're a woman!

2. You have a Female Life Cycle! And for millions of years of Mother Nature and her rather clever design your cycle was goverened by a CYCLICAL power that took us deeply into both the light and the dark of our nature.

If we drive forwards every day with the SUN we burn out. 

Modern Woman....

Take a moment to feel into how your day, week, month and year has run since you were a menstruating girl.

Feel into the rhythm of

the education system,

the rhythm of work, jobs and careers

and the rhythm of childcare for a mother. 

Take a moment to feel into how much light you receive a day

(either real or through lit up screens/fluorescent strip lights).

Your brain and your hormones are logging every second this data to activate the hormonal cycle 

How much dark do you receive an evening (either real or created with low lights and candles)


  Write in your Journal your thoughts, your feelings here. Allow your deepest feelings to purge through onto the page. Let your deepest heart be HEARD.           

 One Hour

Wild Woman Practice 1 

Welcome to your Ovulation Phase.

The Mother, the nourishment of belonging, roots, love, birth, pregnancy, Full Moon. What we dream, give thanks, gratitude for, will expand become larger fuller in our lives here. 

Image by DuvetDays.org – An organization that uses design to create awareness, self discovery, and a space for self-love while supporting those affected by rape and domestic abuse.

                A Brilliant Moontime App                

Dr Christiane Northrup on Hormones - so important so our MIND can back up what is happening within and share with others.

There is nothing 'woo-woo' about honouring our moon cycle. 

It is vital for our well-being. 

Full Moon Ovulation

The Number One thing we need to Ground our Cycle.

When we OVULATE we are really grounded. 

back with the Rhythm of the Earth and Moon... is to GROUND

Imagine hundreds of thousands of years of human beings

living on the Earth in the natural world.

The Earth is our life source. We need to plug back IN 

Wonderful Video on Grounding HERE


Ovulation Information HERE

Earth Air Water Fire - Our Cycle Spirals with Four Elements - Four Moons - Four Faces

Photograph Dancer Linnéa Sundling body painted by artist Vilija Vitkute in North of Scandinavia

         Begin to Notice Your Four Elements as You Spiral Around Your Moon Chart

Wild Woman - Practice 2

Wherever you See the MOON there's a
Wild Woman Activity for YOU

1. Create an Altar

A place to come and be every day, to stop, to reflect, to dance, to sing, anything that brings you home to the essence of your nature


2. Create/Find a Womb Bowl

A simple bowl for your moontime, any offerings anything you are birthing, creating, dreaming, receiving.

3. Gather 4 CRYSTALS one to represent

EACH ELEMENT of your Feminine Life Cycle 


Now! It's back to School for the Modern Cavewoman 

3 Hours

Wild Woman - Practice 4

Mother Nature is Calling us Home. Wherever you live. This will be FUN. Together as SISTERS we will begin to connect with the Earth again. Wa-Womb!

Wrap up warm and snug if you are in a cold climate.  You need to be sure that you feel fully safe and cherished to play outdoors again. You are fully responsible for your own Wild Woman Adventures. So Sister, be SENSIBLE.

Choose a location, whether your Garden / Local Parks /  Woods/  Hills / Seas / Waterfalls / Mountains


Your Wild Woman SMARTPHONE! and a GIFT for Mother Nature

Trust your guidance as to where to make yourself a nest on the Earth.

Listen to the Earth Moon Meditation in your Headphones


Draw or Write anything that comes to you during this Meditation

Please film a short clip of your gorgeous wild woman self in situ and tell us a little of who you are and what came on your journey. 

Please Upload Your Video to the Facebook Red Tent.

See you In The Red Tent

Wild Woman - Practice 5 
(see above)

30 Minutes

Grounding Meditation with Headphones 

Links to Scholarly Research 

Yummy Research to Support Your Head as to

Why we want to Cultivate and Bathe in our Inner and Outer MoonLight

Recent scientific research has shown that SUNLIGHT

stimulates your body clock to produce its sleep /and wake-up rhythm.

it is the MOON which controls the function of the menstrual / fertility cycle."