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7 Day FREE
Temple Mentorship Phoenix Popiolek

Welcome to Your Deep Feminine Sovereignty

Recover the Truth of Who You Innately Are

My vision is to live in a world in which women feel connected to their

divine feminine spiritual GUIDANCE

relaxed, radiant and deliciously alive in their body...


Effortlessly able to tune in to their embodied spiritual knowledge,

their connection with emotional integrity

to know themselves as source, to access their vision, their dream

and to feel able to connect and trust they are loved and supported by Source,

at any point always for the rest of their lives.


▽ Begin your own  regular daily Temple practice

▽ Shift your old patterns and limiting thoughts,

▽ Learn sacred softening embodiment practices to become all that you are

▽ Heal your relationship to your body and your life

▽ Clear aeons of emotions

▽ Raise your vibration

▽ Access your inspired voice and action

▽ Awaken to your innate Divine Feminine guidance with grace joy and ease


I'd be honoured to work with you.


The Temple Mentorship

One to One Coaching with Phoenix


12 Weeks


Weekly One Hour Coaching/Embodiment Calls X 12


Plus Unlimited Voxer Coaching


Consider The Voxer Messenger Access “Phoenix On Speed Dial”

With this sacred and exclusive service,

you are able to receive daily support and real-time coaching throughout your day

(You are able to message me with text or voice memos anytime

by this simple free phone app

Monday-Friday and receive direct coaching)


The Temple Mentorship


is yours for £2997 GBP🌹


You will claim your next level life in every single aspect and I will be there to carry it all with you.


In just one hour you can shift lifetimes and will receive personal guidance

Phoenix has 13 years experience to guide you with sacred feminine temple practices and tools


to empower you to look at any problem from a liberating and freeing perspective.



"I worked with Phoenix for three months of the Temple mentorship,

and my time with her was absolutely invaluable.

The unconditional love that pulses through Phoenix is like nectar for hearts to come home,

and root back into their intuition. Phoenix's presence, guidance, deepest wisdom,

was exactly the container and support I needed in order to make a huge, felt and sensorial shift in the way

I was relating through my body to so many aspects of life.

I was able to find a regular practice for myself that I hadn't had for years,

and to access modes of returning to myself that feel like anchors for my life.

I am ever so grateful to continue to receive Phoenix's remarkable wisdom and gifts and every encounter with her -

now through the Sanctuary membership - is an absolute joy.

Thank you Phoenix for bringing your much needed gifts to the world x

Laura, UK

It's deep, it's good. In the softest of ways a total game changer.


Much love and blessings


With thanks,



Phoenix Louisa Angela Popiolek

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