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Welcome Sister

New Moon


Welcome Sister to Your Wild and Sacred Journey

to Remember the Inner Guidance of a Woman's Life Cycle

New Moon - The Beauty of MoonTime

Remembered in our bodies are times and cultures where a young girl's first period, her first moon, menarche was celebrated, cherished,  becasue the  feminine power that rises in her body with the onset of puberty, of coming of age is a sublime power that rises through her.


She shapeshifts from girl to young woman, her body begins to change, her breasts, her hips, her voice, her beauty, her womb begins to bleed. 

This rising of the Shakti lifeforce in civilised young women leads us to either internalise it and be racked with shame or to act it out in the only way our culture has designed..... ignore it and be a good girl or go wild, party, rebellion. 

A girl's first moon is a time for indepth awareness of her self and as many cultures have said, a time in which a young woman's life purpose can be revealed. What happens in our first bleed will shape how we relate to our monthly cycle, our sex life, our relationship to men, our self respect, our dignity and will allow or cut our relationship with the earth and stars. 

Whether you are on birth control, bleed, don't bleed, are menopausal or crone,

Sister we can remember and heal the wisdom of our Moontime.


        It Starts With Feeling...

Goddess How to use Your Moon Chart

Goddess How to use Your Moon Chart

Print Your Moon Chart

Print Your Moon Chart

However You Treat Yourself Around Your Bleeding Will Affect Every Stage of the next 4 Weeks of Your Cycle.. and Your Life 

Begin to Notice Your Four Elements, Your Four Faces as You Spiral Around Your Moon Chart

New Moon - Sacred Dreamer

The Number One thing we need to Bleed beautifully, to flow, to receive the profound wisdom of menstruation is to first realise how we have treated her thus far. For many women there is a deeply embedded cultural shame in bleeding, and the GIFTS that come from bleeding, such as letting GO, depth softening into our being, release of old emotion, connecting to our heart, our compassion as human beings, awakening our depth feeling, our erotic sensuality, our waves of orgasms and yoni pleasure, our innate gift as sacred dreamer, a woman who feels so deeply she can feel and breathe with the earth and her wisdom again. To be "feminine" has been branded as weak, useless, unnecessary,

but Sister... it is our Super Power. 

Menstruation Information HERE...

New Scientist on ground-breaking research that suggests that our “monthly curse” may be the most magical and

powerful healing gift on the planet.

Menstrual blood appears to be a rich and easily

accessible source of STEM CELLS.

One Hour
Wild Woman - Practice 1

Lilibeth Rasmussen's re-enactment of

"Blood Signs & Body Tracks" (1974) by Ana Mendieta |

Wild, Beautiful, Dark, Untameable, Erotic, Passionate,

Bleeding, Soft, Sensuous, YOU

No matter what your have chosen as your role and passion in this life, one thing is a fact.

1. You're a woman!

2. You do or your have bled every 28+ Days for approximately 450 Cycles/Moons!

Modern Woman....

Take a moment to feel into how your day, week, month and year has run since you were a menstruating girl.

Feel into your FIRST bleed.

What happenned? Where were you? How did you feel?

Were you with your mother? Were you even in your own home?

What is your gut feeling of how you felt during this time? How do you feel now about your blood?

How do you behave, talk, respond to your blood. When by yourself? With women? With men?

Where does your blood go? Toilet? Tampon? Earth? Where is a woman's sensuality and sexuaity in our culture? What have we done with her?

Write in your Journal your thoughts, your feelings here. Allow your deepest feelings to purge through onto the page.

Let your deepest heart be HEARD. 

Sister its time to come back to the Earth's WISDOM 

Ancient Wisdom Modern World 

Now! It's back to School for the Modern Cavewoman 

Wild Woman Practice 2 

Where on Earth do we Begin?

When Our Culture has Forgotten ...

That Women are Cyclical Beings

It begins with your FIRST Menstrual Cycle. Our skin soft as snow, our young buds blooming, a red river flows between our thighs and we cry. Why? because the veil of childhood is gone, we are now remembering the Path of Woman and it is HUGE. So what do we do...

When our culture forgot to initiate us into our power....

My Moon Phases
Hold Your Own MENARCHE Ceremony 
Either by yourself or with a Sister.
- Create Your Sacred Space -
- Visualise the Girl Within -
Call Upon Your Wise Woman Archetype
- Let your  Girl Within speak of her fears of beginning her menstrual cycle -
- Let Your Wise Woman (or your Sister) hold, speak, nourish her in return. What does this girl really need to know about becoming a Woman. Guide her, tell her, treat her as you wish you had been.
-Gift Her with something PRECIOUS. Something golden, or red, something luxurious, something that tells her you and your body are the most beautiful gift. 
1 Hour
Wild Woman - Practice 4

Goddess Bathing 

Choose a BATH of rose petals, a swim in a RIVER or the SEA

Make a conscious choice to RELEASE LET GO 

that which no longer serves you with the NEW MOON. 

Bleed into the WATER. If you are not bleeding take an offering to the Water. 

Please Upload Your Video or Photo to the Facebook Red Tent.

All Data is treated with the greatest respect in accordance with the  Data Protection Act and will be deleted at the end of the 4 Week Journey.  

Wild Woman - Practice 5 (see above)
Deep Diving Meditation with Headphones 

30 Minutes

Take with you

for Practice 4!

1.  Choose or gather wood that feels supportive to you for your fire. 

2. Create a Firepit Outside or Log Fire in your Home

A sacred fire for you to come and meditate, dream, bleed, simply be..

Use a gathering of Candles if you can not. 

3. Bleed, sing, drum, vision, pray, clear, cry, howl. meditate, receive the visions,

whichever comes SISTER 

Release and receive from the Sacred Fire

4. If you feel to  record your wisdom witnessed by the fire please share to our Facebook Red Tent 

Wild Woman - Practice 6

The Moon Lodge

Wherever you See the MOON there's a Wild Woman Activity for YOU
3 Hours