Ruth Florence

Action for Children 

“Phoenix crossed my path one month after I attended a womb awakening workshop elsewhere.

My body had begun a massive transformational process, following this feminine energy activation. I felt overwhelmed with the energy which was making its way through all the blockages as I alchemised, coaxed and loved my body through the necessary shifts I needed to go through.

My life had been turned upside down.
My faith in the world being one of goodness and love was the only thing that moved me through the pain.

I prayed for a guide, and the gift I received was Phoenix. I knew when I committed to working with her, i'd be taken to the depths, to find some meaning in all the chaos. I wanted to go there with her - someone my heart trusted, someone who had courageously stepped into her heart in service to humanity and Earth.

My intention for the mentorship was to understand myself on a deeper level, in touch with my divinity so I may be able to navigate challenges with more grace.

Phoenix reminded me of my true nature with utter reverence for my process, deep love and compassion. Something I remember her saying from one of our sessions was 'you’ll outgrow your best teachers, as they will teach you how to teach yourself'. This was possibly the most uplifting and empowering thing I had ever been told, and it gave me the strength to move forward on my own after our sessions finished.

My sense of self-worth increased along with an acceptance of my femininity and connection to the Earth. This remembered connection was the catalyst that brought healing to my cycle.

I will continue to honour Phoneix for the work she does for the rest of my life. She is a blessing to all and deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated!

If you see something in Phoenix that draws you in, maybe it is a reflection of the depth of love that exists within you. Maybe your body is aching to remember what it feels like to be in harmony with the Goddess once again! THIS was the calling for me, and I implore you to reach out if you feel it too.”

Ruth. Florence, England.🌹