Sofiah Thom

CEO and Founder Temple Body Arts,

Costa Rica

"Phoenix is pure magic as an embodiment of the goddess in all her faces. She is an incredibly patient, present and compassionate guide.


She is a wise Oracle here to bring forth the wisdom and reveal aspects of ourselves that we are ready to see. I highly recommend working with Phoenix to dive deeper and explore your womb, your embodiment, your essence, to understand how you can move through your daily life, connected to your moon cycle, how to walk through life in the different faces of feminine wisdom. 

Phoenix truly is a modern day mystic, a wise Oracle.


I am honoured to have worked with her personally as well as weaving her and her expertise in to my Temple Body Arts School and to my International Temple Body Arts Day. 


Sofiah Thom

Sofiah Thom CEO and founder of the Temple Body Arts School.

Embodied Feminine Leadership for the new paradigm.