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A Revolution in Feminine Presence and Power

Welcome Sister

  Waxing Moon


Welcome Sister to Your Wild and Sacred Journey

to Remember the Wisdom and Power of a Woman's Life Cycle

Waxing Moon

Sister there is a power in us that is innate, healthy and needed in the world today.

For so long women were quiet, submissive, controlled,  strangled from expressing themselves.

And today in many places in the world women still are silent. 

In our lives there is much we swallow, much we take, but the power in our body, in the FOLILCULAR FIRE as our ovaries spark electric bright and ignite in this PRE-OVULATION phase brings us an exciting and powerful phase in the Female Life Cycle.

She moves us from the depth internal of the descent blood time and into the EXTERNAL

She strides. She speaks. She takes action. She is bare breasted.  She is a dagger of love, she is a sword of light.  She is strength, she is fortification of love. She IS clarity and  LIGHT.

She is FIRE.

The Core white blue flame of KALI.

She is our Amazonian, our Protectress, she is  our She-Bear,

our Lioness, she is our She-Wolf, she is our Huntress, in Scandinavian folklore she is our Shieldmaiden,  she is our Phoenix re-birthing from the ashes, she is our Queen Boudicca,

she is our HEART CONNECTED embodied power as women.

    It Starts With Rising..

Women are Passionate Embodiment's of Power and Love

A Feminine Power is Rising. Our Essential, Innate, Passion. Find her.... First She Will Heal You... then She Will Heal the World

Liarissa Morais

         Begin to Notice Your Four Elements, Your Four Faces as You Spiral Around Your Moon Chart

Waxing Moon - Pre-Ovulation 

Becoming Fertile. The power to create. She gifts us the opportunity to live our dreams, to live in completion, to find our true voice, to end competing with other women and find our focus, clarity, drive and passion, our fierce compassion, our openess and our creative fire. Our fire burns who we were told to be and awakens and burns with the heart the passion the creative ways of who we truly are.

She brings our authentic, 100% Permission to be on Our Mission whatever she needs and however she wants to be. She supports us to stand with confidence and our become our own best friend before we hold another hands in the world. 

Pre-Ovulation Information HERE...

Miranda Grey wrote the wonderful Red Moon. Here she is talking about this phase...

Etain (Olga Kurylenko)

Apakura Vengeful Mother": She is a Goddess honored by the Maori of New Zealand. She is one of many mythological mothers who shaped their sons for excellence .

Wild Woman - Practice 1
One Hour

Primal, Passionate, Wild, Animal, Creatrix, Expressive, Fierce YOU

No matter what your have chosen as your role and passion in this life, one thing is a fact.

1. You're a woman! 

2. You are born to speak, be heard, have opinion, creative power, Sister you were born to thrive. 

Modern Woman....

Take a moment to feel into how your day, week, month and year has felt since you were a girl?

What has been your relationship to your authentic voice, expression and confidence in the world?

When and where have you allowed yourself to be heard and seen.

Have you felt welcome to speak truthfully from your passion.

If so, recall where and with who. If not, recall where and with who.

Write in your Journal your thoughts, your feelings here.

Allow your deepest feelings to purge through onto the page.

Let your deepest heart be HEARD.    If you can SPEAK these words out loud.

If you can SHOUT these words out loud. All the better.

IF you can PAINT these words. If you can DANCE these words.... DO. Get the Creative lifeforce in you moving          

Sister its time to come back to the Earth's WISDOM 

Ancient Wisdom Modern World 

Now! It's back to School for the Modern Cavewoman 

Wild Woman Practice 2 

"Her ferocity in battle was unmatched. The wolf inside her longed to be free." (Acealine in battle)

Where on Earth do we Begin?

Sister, to stand in the flames that burned us, for may of us is going to take a lot of practice. We may be dampening our passion, our power.

For others who have too much flame, we burn out, our critical energy, bitch energy or over-work energy leads to burn out and equal unhappiness. Balance is key.

Wild Woman Face Paint

What if your make up was not to enhance your beauty, or post-orgasm, fertile look, what if your make-up was a powerful spritual symbol of your life, your expression, your belonging. 

Use chalk, clay, blood, earth, you can use your intuition to guide you. In some cultures women tattooed their bodies with profound symbolism.

Upload your photo to the Red Tent.

All data will be treated with the strictest of confidence.

Wild Woman - Practice 3

Wild Woman Roaring


It's time to EXPRESS your POWER

Find a location where you feel safe and held enough to LET IT RIP.




Pay attention to what comes through your voice, what does your WOMB want to SAY


Please Upload Your Video or Photo to the Facebook Red Tent.

All Data is treated with the greatest respect in accordance with the  Data Protection Act and will be deleted at the end of the 4 Week Journey.  

1 Hour