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"Phoenix's sessions are a profound gift, that when showered upon you, open a pure and fertile space to connect with the depth of your own inner knowing. 


Each Guidance Session has deepened my connection with my primal soul and expanded my creative roots.


I include this as one of my treasured practices to cultivate my mastery as an artist and intuitive guide."


Laüra Hollick,

Soul Art Studio



''In bliss I reflect on the deep journey that working with Phoenix over the years has opened within me, my heart, my body, my connection with Mother Earth and the divine tantalizing connection we have together.


The time we spend together always reveals exactly what I need to dive deeper.


The medicine is crystal clear love light and I especially love and appreciate the individual ceremony that is offered for me to complete on my own afterwards. 


I know that unique wisdom comes through for each soul that is blessed to unite with Phoenix.


In humble loving gratitude, blessed momma Phoenix, thank you!!! ''

Shelley Vecchitto

Author of Star Children, Hawaii. 





Teacher and Author. Co-Founder Gro Company

"I feel blessed to have worked with Phoenix. There is something so magical about the synergy between Phoenix and the intuition and wisdom and love that she brings through from the Sacred Feminine. 


As a man who is nine years into his awakening, his remembering of who and what I really am, I find it so very helpful in balancing my masculine and feminine energy to be in the presence of such beautiful pure powerful feminine energy, which is what Phoenix brings through in spades.


Restoring that balance between the masculine and Feminine in my Being is really important to me, to balance the masculine of ‘fixing and doing’ with the Feminine of ‘being and feeling’. 


I am so grateful to Phoenix and the Goddess for illuminating the beautiful, loving, maternal power of the feminine. To all the men out there who are looking to restore these balance of energies, look no further than this beautiful Being. Thank you so much Phoenix for sharing your gifts with others.

Much love and gratitude. Rob 

Rob Holmes

Teacher and Author. Co-Founder Gro Company




"I've attended both Group Audiences and One to One sessions with Phoenix. Her channeled guidance is so pure, totally awesome, refreshing and inspiring, she is warm and kind and very relatable as she supports you with whatever questions

you are here to ask."

Nicole Pemberton

The Goddess Moves



''Channeling from Phoenix has been such a rich and magical journey for me.


The power of her readings are beyond the scope of words. They touch deep into the soul. There is no airy-fairyness to a session it's a deep into the belly of the Earth unraveling.

It's a soul journey experience.


Every time I have a reading, I feel more aligned with the nature of my own essence. The sessions, the imagery then ripple out over the months to come, even years later something will come into my path that was whispered in session. It keeps me on my toes to the magic of this life. The mystery that we are a part of.


It's a timeless experience and the depth of the channelled guidance is a sure mirror of the depths of Phoenix's gift to the world. She is a woman of the wild bringing an ancient future knowledge to a new paradigm.


Sessions are a Gift, to your Self, to your Soul and to the Earth"

Kate Joyner

Silver Moon Performance




CEO and Founder Temple Body Arts,

Costa Rica

”Do you desire guidance from a pure channel, a real live Oracle? Phoenix Na Gig is a powerful embodied feminine channel for those of us here to birth a new earth and I highly recommend looking into her work.

Her channeled sessions are like sacred poetry to my ears, calling me home to the depth of my being. She is an incredible spiritual guide for navigating our internal realms during these times.

She creates a nurturing and safe space in which you can dive deep to listen and receive next steps for your path.

Phoenix is also an expert teacher in my Temple Body Arts Certification path bringing through powerful transmissions of the Feminine Archetypes. If you are desiring support and spiritual guidance to support you in these times then I highly recommend reaching out and booking a Channeled Oracle One to One Session with her....

I am honoured to have worked with her personally as well as weaving her and her expertise in to my Temple Body Arts School and to my International Temple Body Arts Day. She is an incredibly patient, present and compassionate guide."


Sofiah Thom

CEO and founder of the Temple Body Arts School.

Embodied Feminine Leadership for the New Paradigm.




''Phoenix holds rare keys to unlocking the long-lost language of our deep feminine wisdom.


Her channeling is a rich, ancient and beautiful remembrance, that reignites a powerful connection to ones own truth and guidance. They are a homecoming, deeply nourishing to the soul, and are a true gift to any person wanting to connect deeper to their own  truth, power, and wisdom.


They are a collective catalyst to the reclamation of feminine wisdom, leadership, and empowerment worldwide.


I am deeply honored and grateful to have received this gift time and again."


Naia Leigh

Soulful Feminine Leadership for a New Era


ROSE (Full Name Lovingly Witheld)


"The rebirth....From being beaten, neglected, isolated, lonely, lost, followed by breast cancer with an infant to raise; coming to these sessions was a complete rebirth for me!!!!!!

Phoenix is so "Real", beautiful, powerful, sensitive, deep...It's beautiful and almost scary this new world opening its arms to me allow me to be my whole discover explore all that I've missed so far....

It's an amazing experience! !! I'm so grateful for this opportunity the Universe is giving me to heal myself today!!!!!

Thank you Phoenix,

With love xxx



"Phoenix delivers in kindness, clarity and with a personal grounding in honesty. For me, this honesty and visibility in who she is during her work was the thing that sealed the deal. It made me feel safe, it helped me feel heard and it also helped feel part of a community of light which is so important to me.


From the mystical and emotional to the practical and specific - the information and wisdom that came through Phoenix has acted both as a key and as a map. My relationships have flowered as a result, I feel a renewed deepening of mission & purpose in my life & work but most enjoyably for me - the "miraculous moments" of connection and wonder our hearts crave so deeply have been washing over me like waves.


Consider this a recalibration, an expansion of who you are - a session with Phoenix is a welcome from you to live in your souls light. And as for Phoenix - what better a guide to help you do this with clarity, compassion and care."



Oliver Jenkin,

Director Sol Energies Health Centre




''Phoenix is an embodiment of all the reasons why we'd want to start or continue our own journeys back to our wild, soulful selves. Her radical guidance filled me up with irrevocable hope - that in the end I could find everything I needed within my body. That basic trust in the my Guidance in myself has given me such freedom and courage to close my own eyes and listen, rather than only look elsewhere for advice or guidance.  


She is incredibly perceptive and beautifully humble about her gifts.."

Manisha Pandey MSc

Cultural Anthropologist




''I have had the honour and pleasure of working with Phoenix Na Gig. Initially watching one of her videos and the sound of her voice and the words she spoke resonated with the deepest part of my feminine soul.


Phoenix has a gift to tune into your feminine essence and to express the gifts you innately hold, your challenges in this life and your potential.


She is highly intuitive and out of all the women I know in this field, embodies the mother goddess frequency unlike anyone I've ever come across.


She's a rare jewel that is for sure.''

Tamika Hilder

Founder: Path of The Goddess




"Powerful and magical!


​Phoenix was able to connect with what was present for me at the time.  I found it an experience that was profound. 

I have done lots of work in this area and this just took what I had done previously to another level.

I would recommend her highly.''


Maria Therase Cucinotta
Femme International




'Phoenix's channeling took me on a deep journey to meet some aspects of myself that were holding me back. I had no idea they were there, but we found them, quietly pulling the strings for every moment of my life.


I am so grateful to Phoenix for her courage, depth, wisdom and care. It is an honour to journey with her and I would recommend her work to anyone who wants to connect more deeply with to meet themselves in their radiance, beauty and joy!"

Sarah Mooney





“Phoenix has a deep gift - one that isn’t easy to offer,
given the nature of how she radically reclaims
mysteries in a time that has largely forgotten.

It is this way of remembrance, this magic, this listening that has changed my whole approach to life.

I am so grateful for her support and guidance for nearly ten years now! I have called upon her in times when I’ve needed affirmation that I’m on track, also at times of darkness when I’ve felt so lost.

Each session has revealed something so profoundly resonant - from the depth of what I know to be real. And has led me on my path home.

Phoenix is a sensitive listener and one who who I trust to share what I need to hear, in a way that I can receive it. What a skill! She is kind, professional, generous and ever so intuitive.

Thank you Phoenix, for all that you’ve given me,
and all that we’ve learnt together from Her.”

Sophie Burns
Facilitator, England.



“Phoenix crossed my path one month after I attended a feminine energy awakening workshop elsewhere.

My body had begun a massive transformational process, following this feminine energy activation. I felt overwhelmed with the energy which was making its way through all the blockages as I alchemised, coaxed and loved my body through the necessary shifts I needed to go through.

My life had been turned upside down.
My faith in the world being one of goodness and love was the only thing that moved me through the pain.

I prayed for a guide, and the gift I received was Phoenix. I knew when I committed to working with her, i'd be taken to the depths, to find some meaning in all the chaos. I wanted to go there with her - someone my heart trusted, someone who had courageously stepped into her heart in service to humanity and Earth.

My intention for the mentorship was to understand myself on a deeper level, in touch with my divinity so I may be able to navigate challenges with more grace.

Phoenix reminded me of my true nature with utter reverence for my process, deep love and compassion. Something I remember her saying from one of our sessions was 'you’ll outgrow your best teachers, as they will teach you how to teach yourself'. This was possibly the most uplifting and empowering thing I had ever been told, and it gave me the strength to move forward on my own after our sessions finished.

My sense of self-worth increased along with an acceptance of my femininity and connection to the Earth. This remembered connection was the catalyst that brought healing to my cycle.

I will continue to honour Phoenix for the work she does for the rest of my life. She is a blessing to all and deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated!

If you see something in Phoenix that draws you in, maybe it is a reflection of the depth of love that exists within you. Maybe your body is aching to remember what it feels like to be in harmony with the Goddess once again! THIS was the calling for me, and I implore you to reach out if you feel it too.”

Ruth Muller,

Action for Children, England