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Apr 1, 2022 - Jun 1, 2022


  • 62Days


What you'll receive: 𓂀 LIVE CHANNELED GUIDANCE FROM THE GODDESS COUNCIL Channeled by Phoenix 𓂀These powerful channeled sessions will activate, embody, heal and release the stagnation in you to embody a fuller more joyful, powerful conscious creatrix that you ARE by nature ALREADY ARE! Welcome to this 12 Week SACRED SPACE designed to support you in a supportive community of awakening women! 𓂀 Activate your innate Goddess Coding WOMB YONI EARTH HEART CROWN Release cycle pain, heart blocks and more.... 𓂀 You ARE The One You Have Been Looking For! CLEAR SHADOW BLOCKS AEONS OLD! 𓂀 Awaken to Your Divine Feminine Gifts. WHO ARE YOU REALLY HERE TO EMBODY! You are the temple of your own divine spirit! 𓂀This offering is for the heart conscious rebels, the visionaries, and spiritual leaders awakening for a new paradigm! RELEASE: 𓂀 Unplug your old paradigm thinking, thoughts, beliefs, patterns 𓂀 Open through your heart to more wisdom, joy, love, potential and possibility 𓂀 Love your womb, your cycle, your yoni as a temple of beauty, wisdom, love and respect 𓂀 Awaken to feminine conscious creation with the Goddess Codes in you. Invite in synchronicity, miracles, new beginnings 𓂀 Meet Your Sisters! BEGINS APRIL 16th FULL PINK MOON We came to do this! #sacredfemininity

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