Phoenix Louisa Angela Popiolek is a gifted Oracle, channel, intuitive, empath, offering you Readings, Courses, Activations to support you to empower your life with Divine Feminine spirit.


" My life path is now clear. Early childhood trauma unraveled into adulthood  and by 21 years old, a life with PTSD flashbacks, night terrors and then a womb condition needing surgery. That day led to a miracle. During surgery, I experienced a Near Death Experience in which I left my body and entered the awe and wonder of a divine field of light consciousness of all that is. This experience I believe empowered me to to return and heal the past. Which I have. I turned it around. Years of inner work. And my gift as a channel emerged in a reclamation of my true nature.


I love nothing more now than to guide YOU to your own Divine Feminine guidance and support YOU to a deeper listening within and receive the wealth of pure loving intelligence available to us as we shift to a new paradigm of awareness and embodiment on this earth

I am in awe of this profound initiation gifted by the Divine Feminine, and offer my voice to serve in return. I have offered clients sessions for over a decade now and work with people around the world."


2022 -           Human Rights, Challenging Poverty, Vulnerability and Social Exclusion - Harvard University EdX

2021 -           Living the Gift, Charles Eisentstein

2020 -           Yoga Teacher Training - Vinyasa Flow Yoga. 200 Hour YTT. Yoga Alliance Registered UK

2020 -           International Women's Health & Human Rights Certificate - Stanford University LEAD

2020 -           Human Rights in Practice Certificate & Child Protection - Harvard University EdX

2020 -           Human Rights Defenders Certificate - Amnesty International 

2020 -           Human Rights and Law Introductory Certificate - Open University

2020 -           Integrating Care - Mental Health and Physical Illness. Kings College, London

2019 -           PTSD Counseling Diploma - Dr Karen E Wells CTAA

2019 -           Neuroplasticity Diploma Course - Dr Karen E Wells CTAA

2019 -           Tantra for Modern Woman: The Female Orgasm - Helena Nista

2017-20       Birthing Sexual Sovereignty Module of Temple Body Arts School, Costa Rica

                     Course Guide Teacher - Womb Cycle Embodiment

2017 -           Temple Body Dance Embodiment Training - Sofiah Thom, Costa Rica

2017 -           PGCert Postgraduate Certificate - Research Anthropology
                      of (Sacred Feminine) Religious Experience at University of Wales (Trinity)

2015 -           Ward Volunteer - NHS Derriford Hospital, University of Plymouth

2014 -           MPsych Psychology at University of Plymouth - First Year MERIT
2011 -           Assistant to Jungian Psychotherapist/Teacher in
2010 -          Tantric Meditation Dance Teacher Training -
                      Ancient Kashmiri Tradition
2009-14       Men's/Women's Community Initiation/Embodiment Personal Developemnt Work. Devon, England.

2010-12       Learning Disabled Children - Facilitating Workshops, Devon, England.
2007-08       MA Master of Arts Literature/Writing for Young People 
                     University of Bath Spa, England
2006-07       Well-Woman's Teaching Project - Non-Medical Clinical Teaching Associate -
                      University of Oxford, England
2005 -          20 Days Vipassana Meditation Silent Retreat Practice, as taught                                                 

                      by S.N. Goenka in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin.
                      Herefordshire, England

2002 -           Yoga School Reception/Administrator Templeton House, City of London


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