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my soul and spirit again!"
Rama, Manchester

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Phoenix Na Gig
The Thriving Healer Masterclass
Wild Goddess Ibiza Retreat_edited
Phoenix Na Gig
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Phoenix Na Gig
Phoenix Na Gig_edited
Phoenix Na Gig
Phoenix Na Gig
Phoenix Na Gig
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Phoenix Na Gig
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Deepen Into Your Divine Mystery

Join Phoenix on a journey to receive new perceptions,

pure channeled insights from spirit, and beautiful


Unlock lifetimes of stagnation.

Expand your intuition, your inner awareness,

strengthen your connection,

receive Divine Spirit's loving intelligence

to support your path.

Phoenix Na Gig.png


Channeled Guidance from 21st Century Oracle Can Offer You:

Receive Guidance

for Your Path with Your Divine Feminine



Your Soul Gifts

Your Sovereignty

Your Vision!

Receive Guidance to Free Yourself of the Stuck Lack, Limitations and Small Stories

Manifest More

Divine Love From Within!

Receive Guidance to Support Your

Feminine Awakening

Heart Womb Yoni


Your Divine Feminine


Receive Guidance for Your Path with Your Divine Masculine





Receive Inspirational Connection with Your Ancestors, MultiDimensionals,

Gaia, Star Beings, Animals,

and Guides


Laura Hollick
CEO Soul Art Studio, Canada

"Phoenix's work with you is a profound gift, that when showered upon you, opens a pure and fertile space to

connect with the depth of your own

inner knowing. 


Each of my sessions have deepened

my connection with my primal soul

and expanded my creative roots.


I include this work as one of my treasured practices to cultivate my mastery as an artist and intuitive guide."

Phoenix Na Gig Client Testimonial.jpg

Sofiah Thom
CEO Temple Body School, Costa Rica

”Do you desire guidance from a pure channel, a real live Oracle? Phoenix is a feminine channel who is here to support those of us here to birth a new earth and I highly recommend looking into her work.

She is an incredible spiritual guide for navigating our internal realms during these times She creates a nurturing and safe space in which you can dive deep to listen and receive next steps for your path.


I am honoured to have worked with her personally as well as weaving her and her expertise in to my Temple Body Arts School and to my International Temple Body Arts Day. She is an incredibly patient, present and compassionate guide."

Phoenix Na Gig Client Testimonial.jpeg

Shelley Vecchitto
Mother, Author of Star Children, Hawaii.

”In bliss I reflect on the deep journey that working with Phoenix over the years has opened within me, my heart, my body, my connection with Mother Earth and the divine tantalizing connection we have together.


The time we spend together always reveals exactly what I need to dive deeper.


The medicine is crystal clear love light and I especially love and appreciate the individual ceremony that is offered for me to complete on my own afterwards. 


I know that unique wisdom comes through for each soul that is blessed to unite with Phoenix."

Nicole Pemberton
Founder, The Goddess Moves, Canada

"I've benefited so much from both One to One Sessions and  Group Audiences with Phoenix. Her channeled guidance is so pure, totally awesome, refreshing and inspiring, she is warm and kind and very relatable as she supports you with whatever questions you are here to ask and support you on your path."

Phoenix Na Gig Testimonials.jpg
Phoenix Na Gig (27).jpg

The New Feminine Evolutionary
Embody Presence Become the Change
Twenty-two pioneers co-author and share their personal story. Are you ready to embrace the New Feminine Evolution? A new woman is emerging from the darkness—strong, determined, flowing with primordial power—fearlessly facing her demons.The New Feminine Evolutionary is a groundbreaking book: revealing in total for the first time the deep essences that run throughout this movement of women who are changing the world. This book is bold, fearless, and resonates with honesty. Each author brings her unique slice of essence to a chapter with stories and wisdom, as a special gift to the reader—reaching out a hand and lighting the way for her to step onto the path of transformation.Forged around the fire circle, this woman stands ready to step forward, fully embodied, carrying the torch of transformation to all those courageous enough to evolve.


Phoenix Na Gig.png
Phoenix Na Gig.png
"My greetings to Amelia Firebrand I hope that the sky does not fall on her head!"
Philip Pullman CBE

"Dear Phoenix - Thank you so much for your beautiful book! What wit and courage she has - and you too clearly. Sending love and respect!"
Dame Emma Thompson


Amelia Firebrand and The Uglies
An urban tale of Awakening! From dark to light! Amelia Firebrand lives in a high rise block of flats, Chewing Gum Gutters. She goes to a school for No-Good Children and with just her fat ginger tom-cat for a friend and just her miserly old, Gramps for a family... Life's been rotten as old socks!Until TODAY that is.It isn’t EVERY DAY that Amelia Firebrand wakes up and can hear the Earth’s heart beating beneath the pavements in Grimy old London. It’s not EVERY DAY. But it is TODAY! Seven days of creation plus an eighth EXTRAORDINARY day. Join Amelia Firebrand on her WILD and WONDERFUL Adventure as she finds her FANTASTIC SELF and saves all of LONDON from the gruesome Wonder Crusher and a massive Brain Drain with the help of some very UNUSUAL and UNEXPECTED FRIENDS. For Older Kids  (and Intelligent Grown Ups!

Legal Stuff. This statement is willingly made by Phoenix Louisa Angela Popiolek to uphold the legal requirement of the Consumer Protection Regulations (2007) that incorporates an "Unfair Commercial Practices Directive", which means that all holistic therapy services are subject to consumer law. 21st Century Oracle respects your privacy, all information shared including client's attendance is strictly confidential. In respect of your GDPR Data Protection Rights 2018, sessions held via Zoom are locked with a password. Phoenix will specifically ask for a client's permission if she would like to share something received during a channeled session to the collective. Any Channeled Guidance received for a client is not medical guidance and clients are strongly advised to take responsibility for their own well being. You understand your participation in Live Audiences, Group Sessions, One to One Sessions will not treat or diagnose any disease, illness, or ailment and you should always consult a registered GP.

You understand that both Live Audiences, One to One and Group Sessions is not a replacement for any medical care, psychological therapy or nutritional advice of any kind. You understand and agree that you are fully responsible for your mental well-being and physical choices and decisions during and after the Live Audiences, Group Sessions and One to One Sessions. You understand and give express consent to this session being recorded for safety purposes. You agree that 21st Century Oracle is not responsible for any loss, property damage, or injury, caused by your participation in Live Audiences and One to One Sessions following the session and you expressly waive, discharge, release all liability and hold 21st Century Oracle harmless of all such claims. To the maximum extent permissible under applicable law. You expressly consent to participate fully in the session at your own risk.You agree that Live Audiences are confidential and you will not inform any third
parties of anyone who attended or what participants may have shared personally unless we sign together a waiver agreement.

Thankyou x