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Phoenix Popiolek
Phoenix Popiolek
Phoenix Popiolek
Phoenix Popiolek
Phoenix Popiolek
Phoenix Popiolek
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Phoenix Popiolek
Phoenix Louisa Angela Popiolek
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Phoenix Louisa Angela Popiolek
Phoenix Popiolek
Phoenix Louisa Angela Popiolek
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Phoenix Louisa Angela Popiolek



Sofiah Thom
CEO Temple Body Arts, Costa Rica

”Do you desire guidance from a gifted and pure channel?

Phoenix is here to support those of us here to birth a new earth

and I highly recommend looking into her work.
She is an incredible spiritual guide for navigating our internal realms during these times

She creates a nurturing and safe space

in which you can dive deep to listen and receive

next steps for your path.
I am honoured to have worked with her personally

as well as weaving her and her expertise in to my

Temple Body Arts School and to my Certification Programmes.

Sofiah's Website

Laura Hollick

Laura Hollick
CEO Artist, Thinker, Visionary Guide, Canada

”"Phoenix's work with you is a profound gift, that when showered upon you, opens a pure and fertile space to
connect with the depth of your own
inner knowing.
Each of my sessions have deepened
my connection with my soul
and expanded my creative roots.
I include this work as one of my treasured practices to cultivate my mastery as an artist and intuitive guide."

Laura's Website

Shelley Vecchitto

Shelley Vecchitto
Author, Speaker, Mother, Hawaii

”In bliss I reflect on the deep journey that working with Phoenix over the years has opened within me, my intuitive guidance listening to Divine in my heart, my body, my connection with Mother Earth and the beautiful working relationship we have together.
The time we spend together always reveals exactly what I need

to dive deeper.
The medicine is crystal clear love light and I especially love and appreciate the individual ceremony that is offered for me to complete on my own afterwards. I know that insight and wisdom that comes through
for anyone she works with will be attuned  and relevant to their path too. Thankyou Phoenix'

Shelley's Website

Nicole Pemberton

Nicole Pemberton
Teacher, Facilitator, Dancer USA

"The guidance I have received has supported areas in both my awakening and my business. She books me in quickly, she has fit me in even though she is quite busy so my deadline was met and her work is outstanding. I've gained so much clarity and insight from both One to One Sessions and  Group Audiences with Phoenix.

Her channeled guidance is so clear, with beautiful vision,

so real, relatable, a breath of fresh air and inspiring,

she is warm and kind and very relatable

as she supports you with whatever questions you

are here to ask and support you on your path.

Thankyou Phoenix”

Nicole's Website

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