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clear channel for your soul freedom


welcome Your divine guidanCE

you are being Guided by an infinite loving intelligence

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you are remembering who you truly are love peace joy guided


Your Readings Your Soul Freedom

As a 21st Century Oracle © I see the Divine Soul and Light in you as well as your unique depths of Human struggles, shadows and challenges. I believe in the power of CLEAR CHANNEL INTUITIVE GUIDANCE to Empower You and its ability to help Guide you on Your Soulpath.


Your sessions will INSPIRE You and SUPPORT you as well as help you connect with your own intuitive wisdom and GUIDANCE. As a 21st Century Oracle © I believe that you can tap into a universal field of love a Divine unity consciousness and support that is available to you innately.

Through this work you will receive messages that are not only visionary and transformative,

to your current day to day life, but that will also empower you to expand and grow on your own unique journey. The divine holds a VIBRATION and signature of GUIDANCE for you. I invite you to reclaim your own

magic and embrace the guidance that the Divine holds specifically for you.

You will receive VISION, INSIGHT and a loving guidance that will leave you INSPIRED and attuned to your Soulpath!

I work with every walk of life, using my skills to uncover where you can find more clarity, hope and Soul Freedom


My highest joy is to attune my client soul family community to embrace their Guidance into their every day lives so as they feel spiritually light attuned to their Soulpath and Soulfreedom.

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soul famiLY clients

hello beautiful soul

about phoenix

21st Century Oracle, Clear Channel, Author, Academic, Lightworker


about phoenix.

Phoenix Louisa Angela Popiolek (5).jpg

Welcome to 21st Century Oracle


Hi I'm Phoenix, as a child I had a Natural Gift, but I didn't know what to do with it. I hid this beneath social norms and lived in denial of my Soul and my truth until the ultimate wake up call as a young woman... when I experienced tragedy and illness.


The Divine stepped in and I had a Divine Awakening OBE/NDE in 2000 and my life changed forever. This was the catalyst that would begin The Work, the path of healing I commit to this ongoing daily.


21st Century Oracle offers you Clear Channel Divine Guidance for Your Soul Freedom. Supported and backed up by my trainings in Yoga, Meditation and as an Author and Academic Postgraduate Research Candidate writing towards a thesis.


I stand as a conduit, a bridge between my every day Humanness, my own personal initiations to deepen into my heart and listen to the Divine to bring forth a remembrance of Our Potential, and to remind You of Your Divine Soul and how needed you are in the world, welcoming a whole new way of Being, to empower You to Live from Your highest truth, Your Soul Freedom.

My greatest joy is working with you and living my very simple life on the Atlantic Coast of Cornwall, my friends and family, my beloved dogs, cooking good food, wild sea swimming and dolphin watching and anything involving spiritual explorations within,

joy and fun.

Together we awaken to the Divine Guidance at the heart of every Living Being and shift this Earth into a New Paradigm of Love, Consciousness and Soul Freedom.

And So It Is.


how to be a human being...

it isn't EVERY day that the universe starts speaking to you...
but IT IS today!

Dear Phoenix,


What wit and courage she has

and you too clearly.

Sending love and respect!


My greetings to Amelia Firebrand and I hope that the sky never fall on her head!


Phoenix Popiolek.jpg
Phoenix Popiolek


Hello do drop us a message if you have any question. Thanks.

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